Sri Patibandla Sitaramaiah High School

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School fees must be deposited directly at the bank. Requisite bank details may please be obtained from the class teachers / school reception

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On the eve of the 139th birth anniversary celebrations of Sri Patibandla Sitaramaih, Our grinding beacon humongous amount of impractural addition and upgradation was done the planning execution erection and construction of which was in done in a earth shattering record time of 3 months inauguration done by justice

The list includes

  • A hollow square shaped 2nd Floor CBSE block comprising of

(i) 5 Class Rooms

(ii) Assembly hall with a seating capacity of 600 students

(iii) Dining cum Indoor games hall

(iv) Staff room

(v) Chemistry & Physics Labs

(vi) Dance Studio

  • On the outdoor front the following facilities were inaugurated by various dignitaries, luminaries and augmented alumni of the school

(i) Children’s Park

(ii) Volleyball Court

(iii) Throwball Court

(iv) Kabaddi Court

(v)2*Cricket Nets ( cemented bags*2 )

(vi) Basketball Court ( FIBV Standards )

Science Lab :

Experiential learning is the order of the day. Three science subjects. The two existing physics and chemistry labs have now been moved to the newly constructed, state of the art CBSE ( 2nd floor ). The biology lab remains on the ground floor. All labs have glass boards and sitting arrangements like regular classrooms

Computer Lab :

During COVID 19 restrictions, children had to be educated through ‘Virtual Learning Only’. The School forms we had and the fact that our entire faculty was geared up to take on the challenge.

Activity rooms for Art, Craft and Music

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see” – Edgar Degas

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on” – Albert Einstein

“Dance is the hidden language of the school” – Martha Graham

“Music is life itself” – Louis Armstrong