Sri Patibandla Sitaramaiah High School

Mandatory Public Disclosure
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On the eve of the 139th birth anniversary celebrations of Our guiding beacon Sri Patibandla Sitaramaiah on 31st October 2021, humongous amount of infrastructural addition and upgradation was done ; the planning, execution, erection and construction of which was done in an earth shattering record time of 3 months. The Chief Guest for the function was Justice Lavu Nageswara Rao, Supreme Court of India.

The additional facilities are listed below :-

(a) A hollow square shaped 2nd floor CBSE block comprising of :-
       (i) 5 class rooms
       (ii) Assembly hall with a seating capacity of 600+ students
       (iii) Dining cum Indoor games hall
       (iv) Staff room
       (v) Chemistry and Physics labs
       (vi) Dance studio
       (vii) Tiled rest rooms

(b) On the out door front, a sports complex comprising the following were inaugurated by various dignitaries, luminaries and reputed alumni of the school :-
        (i) Children’s park
        (ii)Volley ball court
        (iii)Throw ball court
        (iv)Kabaddi court
        (v) Cricket nets( Cemented bays X 2)
        (vi) Basket ball Court (FIBV standards)
        (vii)Tennikoit Court
        (viii) Kho-Kho


The biggest advantage of our school is its location in the heart of the town. Parents can use their own transport to drop their children at the school. Safe and secure transport facility in the form of two, 40 seater buses cater for students travelling from the outskirts. A co-driver/ nanny assist the driver in picking and dropping our wards from their designated locations. The school progressively increases the fleet based on additional requirement.

Science Labs

Experiential learning is the order of the day. The school boasts of state of the art laboratory cum classroom for each of the three science subjects. Majority of the Science Classes are held in the labs so that students gain knowledge through hands on experience in the form of practicals. It also facilitates our children to learn better and assimilate faster. All labs have glass boards and seating arrangements like regular classrooms.

Computer Lab

Having a complete and proficient knowledge of the computers is a mandatory requirement in today’s fast moving digital world.
A fully functional Computer lab with multimedia systems and broad band internet access provided by a dedicated router, cater for the requirement of our children becoming computer savvy.
As on date, the lab is being renovated to house 40 workstations and also double up as a “Phonetic Studio”.

During Covid 19 restrictions, children had to be educated through ‘Virtual learning’ only .The school found itself in a comfortable position because of the infrastructure we had/have and the fact that our entire faculty was computer savvy and geared up to address all unforeseen eventualities.

Class Rooms

Class rooms have 6 to 7 general knowledge based display boards with wide ranging themes like Flora, Fauna, Seasons, Sports, Olympics, Indian Civilisation and so on, besides a student activity board. Wide screen TVs/Monitors in all the class rooms facilitate additional visual learning and serve as a good teaching aid for our faculty. It also boosts better understanding and recapitulating power in our children.


“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire to explore and achieve and contribute to improve our quality of life” – Sidney Sheldon
A well stocked and stacked library ensures our children inculcate the habit of book reading as a hobby. Library period in the daily time table helps the students to draw/return their books. Regular book reviews in the morning assembly/ “Lend me your ears” sessions, by the students helps them to improve their diction as well as pique the interest of other children in reading them.

Activity rooms for Art, Craft and Music and Dance

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see” – Edgar Degas
“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on” – Albert Einstein
“Music is life itself” – Louis Armstrong
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” – Martha Graham
Art, Craft, Music and Dance are forms of human expression; expression beyond mere words. At SPSHS we recognise and nurture such god given talent and provide further guidance to all our child prodigies to excel in their gifted field.
The josh, vigour and enthusiasm with which our children spend their time in the art, craft, music and dance studios is a sight to behold. Be it Painting, Origami, Instrumental music or Classical / Western dance, our aim is to provide holistic learning to our wards so that they turn out as well rounded individuals at the end of their academic journey with us.


The well-being of our students, specifically while they are in the campus is of prime importance to us. A qualified and experienced nurse is available on the campus and an experienced paediatrician, On Call. Basic first-aid kits are placed in the risk prone areas like the school buses, laboratories and other vantage points for easy access and emergency use.