Sri Patibandla Sitaramaiah High School

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Honorary President - Sri Yalamanchili Shivaji [Ex Member of Parliament]

Yalamanchili Sivaji is a versatile personality who has excelled in different fields of work throughout his life. He is an Indian politician who has also served as a Member of Parliament In the upper house of India’s Parliament, representing Andhra Pradesh as a member of the Telugu Desam Party. In addition to his political career, he is currently serving as the president of Sri Patibandla Sitaramaiah High School, where he has shown exceptional leadership skills and dedication towards providing quality education to students. Yalamanchili Sivaji is a passionate leader who is determined to ensure that students receive the best possible education. 

He has taken the school to new heights with his strong will and positive attitude, making it a dream destination for students. Under his leadership, the school has achieved extraordinary accomplishments, and he has gone above and beyond to ensure the well-being and development of students. Apart from his political and educational achievements, Sivaji is also a famous writer, political commentator, and orator who has given powerful speeches on national and internationa economic, social, and political developments. He has led democracy conservation movements and spent a long time in prison while still a student. 

He is also a moderate political inquisitor and a teacher who has praised young writers for their talents. Yalamanchili Sivaji has demonstrated exceptional political acumen as a state-level leader of the Bharatiya Lok Dal and Janata parties, a founder member of Telugu Desam, and a member of the Rajya Sabha. He has been the charioteer of the movement who coined the phrase “CropHoliday” and led the peaceful struggle of tobacco farmers of 9 districts with a blow strike and baron’s hood. He is the architect of farmer loan waiver schemes and the promoter of the ‘Pulichintala’ scheme. He also traveled to many countries, including America, Britain, France, Israel, China, Thailand, Nepal, Brazil, and Zimbabwe, and has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge about their social conditions. Yalamanchili Sivaji is a lifelong learner who has indulged his thirst for knowledge by attending asummer course at the ‘London School of Economics’ after his membership in the Rajya Sabha He is also a social worker who received the “John Chalve” National Award from Namebhoy Palkhiwala a noted constitutional poet. Overall, Sivaji is a multi-talented man who has excelled in various fields and made significant contributions to society.

President - Sri Devineni Mallikarjunarao

Devineni Mallikarjunarao is a renowned Indian politician and the Working President of Sri Patibandla Sitaramaiah High School. He is also the Chairman of the Bapatla Urban Development Authority, where his leadership has led to significant progress and development in the city. Mallikarjunarao’s political career began as a Sarpanch, after which he went on tobecome an MLA. In the 2004 elections, he contested as a Congress candidate and won from the Raypalle constituency, becoming an MLA for the first time.

Devineni Mallikarjunarao’s extensive political experience has made him a crucial figure indriving the development of the Bapatla Urban Development Authority. He has been at theforefront of numerous initiatives aimed at improving the standard of living for people in and around Bapatla. As a vocal advocate for the people of Andhra Pradesh, Mallikarjunarao has focused on addressing issues related to agriculture, education, and health care in the state. His contributions to the development of our school have also been immense. He has providedguidance and support to ensure that students receive a high-quality education in a positive learning environment.

As the Working President Devineni Mallikarjunarao has been a prominent voice in advocating for the change in the curriculum and teaching. He has been providing tireless efforts to address students’ concerns and bring about positive change. His commitment to student’s development and his passion for improving the education and teaching methods make him an in valuable leader. Devineni Mallikarjunarao is a dedicated and accomplished politician who has made
significant contributions to society. His leadership and support have been instrumental in the growth and development of the school and the city of Bapatla. He has demonstrated a deep commitment to public service, and his efforts have had a positive impact on the lives of countless people in his community. Mallikarjunarao’s exceptional leadership skills and unwavering dedication to the betterment of society make him a vital figure in the political landscape of Andhra

Director - Krishna veni Lella

Krishna Veni Lella is an accomplished educator, principal, and legal professional with a wealth of experience in academia and administration. She has a unique blend of skills that make her a valuable asset to any organization, and she has demonstrated her ability to excel in multiple roles simultaneously. Krishna Veni Lella holds an impressive array of degrees and qualifications. She holds a Bachelor of Science (BSC) degree, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, and a Master of Laws (LLM) degree.

Her academic credentials are a testament to her commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. Krishna Veni Lella is now the Director of SPSHS, where she brings her considerable talents and experience to the table. In her role, she is responsible for ensuring that the institution maintains its reputation for excellence in education and meets the evolving needs of its learners. She has been a learner-centric educator who prioritizes the needs and aspirations of her students and has been responsible for overseeing academic programs, teacher development, and student affairs. Her passion for education has made her a respected figure in the academic community, and her ability to inspire and motivate her colleagues and students is unmatched.

Krishna Veni Lella is also responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans that will help SPSHS grow and succeed in the competitive education landscape. She is a dedicated educator, an experienced administrator, and a knowledgeable legal professional. Her unique set of skills and expertise make her a valuable asset to any organization, and her commitment to excellence is evident in everything she does.

Vice President - Dr. Suryadevara Hanumantha Rao

Dr. Hanumantha Rao is a gentleman to the core and a thorough professional, who is totally committed to the well being of the school. He is a philanthropist par excellence and believes in serving the society wholeheartedly. As a general physician, he started Guntur Nursing Home and later on worked at Peoples’ Trauma Hospital and Katuri Medical College, Guntur. He is presently working at Sri Raja Rajeswari Memorial Hospital, managed by SRI SRINGERI SHARADA PEETHAM TRUST.

Secretary and Correspondent - Sri Patibandla Vishnu Vardhan

He is an alumnus of the school and the right person to hold the reigns of the school. A social worker and an aspiring lawmaker and able leader, Shri Patibandla Vishnu Vardhan is a grandson by relation to our founding father, Shri Patibandla Sitaramaiah. Even though as an entrepreneur he is very busy, he caters a major portion of his time on any given day selflessly to the school. With a realistic vision, total focus and dedication, he built a team of passionate professionals over a period of time and continuously motivates them to strive and realise the dream of our founding father , that of the school reaching great heights, with his well construed mission and also by making necessary mid course corrections .CBSE affiliation is an apt example of his foresightedness as it is going to provide a platform of equal footing for our students to compete and succeed in profession seeking competitive exams like NEET, JEE and UPSC.

Joint Secretary - Dr. Vasantham Veera Raghavaiah

A reputed paediatrician and the founder of VNM Children’s Nursing home and Nalluri multi-speciality hospital at Repalle town. He is the serving Chairman of Indian Red Cross Society and also its Medical Officer at the Blood Bank , Executive member of the hospital development society (HDS) at Government hospital , Repalle and Executive committee member of SVRM college Nagaram in Guntur District.

Treasurer - Sri Chekuri Rama Koteswara Rao

He is the Chairman of Vishwasanthi Residential College and has enormous and invaluable experience in the field of education.


Colonel Vasireddy Ravi Shankar (Retd) is an alumnus of Sri Venkateswara Balakuteer, Guntur, from its inception year 1965 to 1971, Sainik School, Korukonda, Andhra Pradesh from 1973 to 1980, National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune, from Jan 1981 to Dec 1983 and was commissioned into the Corps of Engineers in Dec 1984 from Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun. He served at locations pan India and held various appointments and was also privileged to be the Registrar of Sainik School Kunjpura, Haryana from 1991 to 1994.

He sought Premature Retirement (PMR) in Nov 2008 at the peak of a successful career and had an eight year stint in the corporate world at Hyderabad from 2009 to 2016,as a Senior Management trainer, Head of operations for an afternoon English newspaper “POSTNOON” and Director Training for a major Security Organisation.

He was the Director at VIVA, the School by VVIT at Namburu, Guntur, from Jan 2017 to Jan 2020. He donned the hat of the Director at SPSHS in March,2021.

Academic Faculty

S.NO. Teacher Qualification Designation
1 Smt. J.Padmaja M.A, B.Ed Principal
2 Smt. L.Tejasvi M.Sc, B.Ed Vice Principal
3 Smt. K. Parvathi Devi B.Sc, B.Ed Junior School Coordinator
4 Smt. Charlene Harvey B.A, Pursuing B.Ed Pre-Primary Coordinator
5 Smt. G. Radha Madhavi M.Com, B.Ed PGT
6 Ms. Parchuri Sri Lakshmi M.Sc M.Phil, B.Ed Physics PGT
7 Smt. D. Shobha Rani M.Sc, B.Ed PGT
8 Smt. A.Vathsalya Devi M.Sc, B.Ed PGT
9 Smt. V. Siva Naga Malleswari M.A, HPT PGT
10 Smt. M.Mohana Vamsi M.A, B.Ed PGT
11 Smt. P.Nagavalli Soujanya M.A, HPT PGT
12 Smt. S. Kamala B.A, B.Ed TGT
13 Smt. Ch.Vijaya Sireesha B.Com, B.Ed TGT
14 Smt. G.Sagarika B.Tech TGT
15 Smt. R.Hemalatha T.T.C ART TEACHER
16 Sri. P.Siva Krishna B.Com, B.P.Ed PTI
17 Smt. G.Anuradha B.Lib.Sc LIBRARIAN
18 Ms. Vanama Sangeetha B.A, D.El.Ed -
19 Ms. Prathi Nalini Devi M.A, B.Ed English TGT
20 Ms. Vanama Jayasree B.A, D.El.Ed -
21 Sri. Nemali Rambabu M.A, M.Phil MUSIC TEACHER
22 Smt. Munnagi Nagamani B.A (OL), TPT -
23 Smt. Duggyala Sai Sudha M.Sc, B.Ed PGT
24 Smt. Ainampudi Sudha Lakshmi M.A, TPT PGT
25 Smt. Katragadda Mamatha B.Sc (computers), B.Ed TGT
26 Ms. Padarthi Venkata Sirisha B.A, B.Lisc librarian
27 Sri D.Durga syam BEd High school coordinator